Danielle Hayes

I absolutely love Nectar’s CBD! Before I started using the tincture, I was getting migraines that would completely take me out at least once a month. In the last six months, I’ve only had one migraine and I am so grateful. I also noticed it really helps me with anxiety. About 30 minutes after taking the tincture, I feel much calmer and more at ease. Some of the other benefits I’ve noticed are I’m sleeping better and my lower back pain has decreased. I’ve tried a coupe of other brands and Nectar is by far my favorite. I couldn’t love this product more. Thank you!

Luis Atriano

As an athlete, injuries are prone to happen, and I suffered a bad knee injury a few months back and got depressed. Nectar CBD helped me get back on track. Now, I’m feeling stronger and healthier than ever. I’m lifting heavier and recovering faster than I did before my injury and I have Nectar CBD to thank for that.

Kyren Tukukino

I have been using Nectär for the past year, and it has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. My sleep pattern was terrible, insomnia, headaches and migraines were just a few problems I was having until I used Nectär. Nectär helped me with all of these things and has been a great life changing decision for myself. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, to give it a chance and try it. I know it will definitely help you.

Jordan Salisbury

Nectar CBD has been the best product for my joint pain. I do powerlifting five times a week and my joints especially in my hands, wrists, and knees started hurting constantly. I started using fish oil and turmeric. It probably helped a little but I couldn’t tell a difference. Then I decided to try Nectar CBD. I used the 1000mg and after taking it every night before bed I started sleeping better and felt my joint pain go away. As long as I am consistent with taking their CBD my joints don’t hurt. I highly recommend Nectar CBD!

Mateo Ewell

Being a young professional in a very competitive environment can be pretty stressful. I am constantly reviewing the meeting material and presenting it to prospective clients. I cannot tell you how much of a game-changer having CBD does for my profession. It gives me an edge by taking away the edge of work life. I am a lot more confident that I can remove the self worry thanks to CBD. It goes great in my daily coffee. I would recommend to any professional or student.

Jordan Fisher

For years I have struggled with some heavy anxiety and stress, that would usually run late into the night and affect my sleep. After having found Nectar CBD oil, my life has been way more enjoyable and in the moment. I am finally able to grasp my mood and control my emotions better, because of the calm feeling this oil gives me. Really grateful I found it when I did!

Kate Racker

Nectar CBD has been amazing for me!! I suffer with neck pain and ever since using Nectar CBD my neck pain has significantly reduced!! The product has helped me so much with muscle relaxation and overall well being, I would definitely recommend!! 5/5 stars!!!!

Darryl Dzapasi

I am very thankful for this product and the team behind it. This came at a time when I needed help with no strings attached; No side effects, no detachment. I use it to help with my anxiety because we all know how crippling it can be. I use it to help me fall asleep, and I know we all know the struggle of longing for sleep. It helped me invite peace in my meditations. Nectar truly helped me elevate my life. I am lucky enough to have been a customer from the start, and I can honestly say that today, there is nothing like it on the market. There is no branding as elegant, and their product actually works. Most of all the people behind Nectar CBD are people with a heart for us: their customers. Their focus is not profit, its to help me and you, the everyday individual strive to live the best life that we can with no side effects. Not only is there no product like this one the market but there isn’t a team with as much love for their customers like the nectar team. Try it today, you won’t be disappointed.

Paige Sommerville

Over the past 5 years, I’ve developed a great love for health and fitness. My health is something that I make a priority. While focusing on my physical health, I realized that taking care of my mental health is just as important. I am someone who has struggled with anxiety throughout my life. Being active does help, but it didn’t alleviate all of it. While trying to find other natural remedies, I discovered CBD had helped many people with the same stress and anxiety that I too was experiencing.

I’ve now been incorporating Nectar CBD into my daily routine for the past month and have noticed the biggest difference in my anxiety and overall health. CBD is something that I now highly recommend to anyone who experiences anxiety. I’ve never felt better.

Parker Ackerman

I have frequently used Nectar CBD tinctures and have found that it helps reduce my anxiety and increases the quality of my sleep. Short and simple – my days are better with it.

Rob Calcote

I’ve always gotten great sleep. But lately, for whatever reason, I’ve had really bad insomnia. Over the past few months I’ve lost countless hours of sleep because of stress at work. My wife recommended I try CBD before bed to help. I got some Nectar CBD and it is amazing how quickly it helps me sleep and how restful my nights are! Thank you Nectar!

Cache Carter

I’m Cache and I have a chronic illness and lots of pain but I’ve found that I can easily manage it with just a dropper of Nectar CBD under my tongue and I’m good to go for the rest of the day. It also helps keeps me focused when I’m gaming for Nectar as well!

Easton Schroff

Nectar CBD is by far the best full spectrum CBD I have ever used, whether its the tincture or the salve they both put my body at ease after a long 12 hour day of working construction! It’s great for literally any purpose and has a smooth minty taste! I personally would give it 5 stars!

Carly Tolman

I love Nectär Botanicals. The company is founded and built on hard work, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit. They sincerely care about their customers and helping the world in their own way. I will never buy a different CBD product. Thank you Nectar!