The Tincture for No Worries

Remember how sad it was when recess got canceled because of bad weather? We do, too. But now, with Nectar CBD, you don’t ever have to worry about anything ruining your day. Our tincture is a conveniently-sized 30ml bottle that you can carry with you and use at any time of your day, and all our bottles contain graduated droppers, so you’ll be able to accurately measure the exact dosage you need every time. You can scan the QR Code on any of our products to see all of our certified, 3rd party lab testing we do for each product. So, go on, show your friends and family just how nerdy we are about our CBD!

Meet the Nectar Family

Cache Carter

I'm Cache and I have a chronic illness and lots of pain but I've found that I can easily manage it with just a dropper of Nectar CBD under my tongue and I'm good to go for the rest of the day. It also helps keeps me focused when I'm gaming for Nectar as well!

Parker Ackerman

I have frequently used Nectar CBD tinctures and have found that it helps reduce my anxiety and increases the quality of my sleep. Short and simple - my days are better with it.

Kate Racker

Nectar CBD has been amazing for me!! I suffer with neck pain and ever since using Nectar CBD my neck pain has significantly reduced!! The product has helped me so much with muscle relaxation and overall well being, I would definitely recommend!! 5/5 stars!!!!

CBD Oil (and other products) Benefits and Side Effects

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