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Meet the Nectar Family

Jordan Salisbury

Nectar CBD has been the best product for my joint pain. I do powerlifting five times a week and my joints especially in my hands, wrists, and knees started hurting constantly. I started using fish oil and turmeric. It probably helped a little but I couldn't tell a difference. Then I decided to try Nectar CBD. I used the 1000mg and after taking it every night before bed I started sleeping better and felt my joint pain go away. As long as I am consistent with taking their CBD my joints don't hurt. I highly recommend Nectar CBD!

Mateo Ewell

Being a young professional in a very competitive environment can be pretty stressful. I am constantly reviewing the meeting material and presenting it to prospective clients. I cannot tell you how much of a game-changer having CBD does for my profession. It gives me an edge by taking away the edge of work life. I am a lot more confident that I can remove the self worry thanks to CBD. It goes great in my daily coffee. I would recommend to any professional or student.

Danielle Hayes

I absolutely love Nectar's CBD! Before I started using the tincture, I was getting migraines that would completely take me out at least once a month. In the last six months, I've only had one migraine and I am so grateful. I also noticed it really helps me with anxiety. About 30 minutes after taking the tincture, I feel much calmer and more at ease. Some of the other benefits I've noticed are I'm sleeping better and my lower back pain has decreased. I've tried a coupe of other brands and Nectar is by far my favorite. I couldn't love this product more. Thank you!