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A Letter to Our Friends,

We all know just how hard life can be. You’ve got bills to pay, mouths to feed, and a personal life to lead. Not to mention, you’ve got to worry about doing all of that while staying healthy, feeling happy, and being productive. That’s a tall order for anyone. The thing is, though, we also know how good life can be. You know, that feeling of just being in a sense of flow? I truly believe that that is why we do the things we do and keep pushing ourselves to greater limits, because we want to feel happy, capable, and like we belong; to be in that sense of flow.

Happiness, belonging, capability: those are the beliefs that we have used to create Nectär Botanicals. We have all been up, and we have all been down. When life knocks you down, and your load is feeling pretty heavy, even you could use a friend or two. And that’s what we aim to be for you. Your friend who helps you feel less pain, less depression, less anxiety, and helps you stay centered so you can focus on what’s truly important.

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With much gratitude,

Dale Guthrie

CEO & Co-Founder of Nectär Botanicals  

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